Why a Lottery Machine is a Must for All Clubs and Pubs


Pull-tabs can be customized

You are free to choose the prizing for each set

A unique serial number is printed with each ticket

  • You can choose from the 3-window or the 5-window variety

Pull-tabs as well as break-open tickets used for lotteries have helped raise millions of funds for charity around the world. These are used for simple games that are enjoyed by many people. You can see these tickets in many places like shopping malls, clubs, and convenience stores. Although it has been sold in jars, ticket vending machines are becoming a more popular substitute even though these machines are varied in design and implementation. Some features of advanced ticketing machines are internet integration for online reports, change dispensing, and note acceptance. These can be installed either mounted on a wall for security purposes or mounted on a stand for easy transport and safekeeping.

Pull-tab Deals

Pull Tab tickets are multi-level tickets enjoyed by many. The main factor that makes these tickets successful is the prizing. If used in conjunction with our innovative vending machine that provides pull-tab tickets, you can enjoy the daily reports that are sent to you for all the tickets sold.  Not only that but the main thing is that you are only charged for these ticket sales at the end of each calendar month. However most people have to pay for tickets upfront and then they may be left in a cupboard unsold for a long time.


This implementation also allows the inclusion of more enjoyable games because the machine issues reports every day allowing us to send out an invoice that charges you ONLY for the tickets you sold at the end of every month. This makes it a lot easier and more convenient for the accounting or the finances of charities, clubs or pubs. This is also perfect for use in clubs or pubs that cater to servicemen or veterans, Royal British Legions, as well as ordinary social groups and establishments. The systems we have designed are tried and tested and provide pubs and organizations with a profitable way to raise funds or earn more profit.

Our company can have the pull-tab tickets you ordered printed and shipped anywhere in the world and with your chosen specifications such as a 3-window or 5-window ticket and the prize of each play. You can also have a custom-made payout structure but this will be limited by the tickets you request for each set as well as the prizes you set for each play. If you are interested in having these set up for your fundraising needs, contact us beforehand.



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