The Brand New Single Column

The Single Column is aimed at single ticket gaming and has a wide range of exciting and attractive prize selections.

Introduced in 2011 and aimed at helping clubs and pubs survive in this difficult economy, the new Single Column is played with one ticket and offers players attractive prizes. This machine can make a whopping profit of £1118 just by selling a single box of tickets.




One commendable aspect of the Single Column is that it does not have to substitute any existing machine in your club or pub. You can simply  install it alongside your other machines and enjoy the benefits of earning tax-free and license-free profits.


The Reliable Treble Column

The Treble Column has been proven in clubs and pubs around the country to be a profit making machine.

With an innovative system and design, compared to others in the small lottery industry, the Treble Column has been proven to generate steady profits for many clubs and pubs all across the UK. The machine also offers more benefits as well as a few other extras.

The Treble Column offers a huge advantage to clubs and pubs by having the ability to give change, thus allowing it to be played without any coins.  The change dispensed is then more likely to be used in other gaming machines offered within the club.

The added advantage of the Treble Column is the ability to dispense the specially designed game tickets which appeal more than the usual standard gaming machine tickets. Furthermore, the Treble Column is also integrated through SMS with an invoice busting reporting system. These benefits are proof of the Treble Column's success.
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LottoScotland Club Lottery Systems are Offered with:


FREE lottery machines that are used with the 'no play, no pay' ticket system.

LottoScotland machines are no doubt the best lottery ticket and vending machines available in the industry at present. We have so much faith that our system will help your club raise funds effectively, or your pub generate extra income for you, that we readily offer an innovative and completely risk-free system that allows you to start a profitable lottery system.  Our 'No play, No pay' club lottery system allows you to have a lottery machine installed in your club or pub FREE OF CHARGE. There is no catch at all in this offer. The only thing we request in return is to allow us to send you an invoice charging you ONLY for the tickets you sell for that month.

FREE note acceptors and change dispensing machine with the Treble Column.

Perhaps the most interesting and innovative feature of our Treble Column machine is the integrated note acceptor that also dispenses change. Players no longer have to rely on the change in their pockets, if they have any. They no longer have to go to the bar and ask a bar steward for available change, thereby increasing the privacy of the player. Our trials have also confirmed that this feature facilitates the sale of more lottery tickets, as well as fruit machine takings.  Remember that LottoScotland does not charge you any upfront costs despite these benefits!

All parts are UK-made and these reliable and robust machines require almost no maintenance at all.

Like all other devices, a good gaming machine is one that requires minimum servicing. The LottoScotland Single Column and Treble Column machines require none of that at all. You are spared from the hassle of losing profit waiting for replacements, parts, or technicians. The only maintenance involved with the machines is the refilling of money and tickets.

Different sizes are available for all machines.

LottoScotland knows that every club and pub wants to be unique and thus may have size requirements for their chosen lottery machines. This is why our machines are offered in two sizes.

The Triple Column has a height of 80 cm, a width of 52 cm, a depth of 33 cm, and a weight of 41 kg.
The Single Column has a height of 72 cm, a width of 46 cm, a depth of 16.5 cm, and a weight of 26 kg.

These machines are attractive and intriguing in their design.


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