Would you like GUARANTEED extra PROFIT for your PUB or CLUB every month?

Lotto Scotland is a trusted lottery system provider with the aim of helping different pubs and clubs in their different fundraising campaigns that generate extra income. The lottery system we have in place is new and not your ordinary lottery system. With our system set up in your club or pub, you are assured that it allows you to successfully raise funds and generate profit continuously with little effort and almost no maintenance involved. We offer a choice of machines including our new single or treble column lottery machines.

We also provide our clients with the required jackpot tickets that are intended for use with our system. Most importantly, our system is patterned in such a way that you are not required to pay any upfront costs at all. As a testament to the confidence we have that our system will operate successfully in your club or pub, we will be happy to install a machine FREE OF CHARGE, as well as provide you with the necessary jackpot tickets for your machine. You are only required to pay us for the amount of tickets sold following each month. Please feel free to contact us so you can start enjoying the benefits of how our system helps raise funds for your club or pub.

Lotto Scotland Guarantees Only the Best Machines and the Best Service

Lotto Scotland has long made a mark in this industry and thus provides only the best for its clients. With more than 4 decades in operation helping clubs in their fundraising campaigns, we have made a name for ourselves.  Our gaming machines are a big success and have constantly been proven to be the best in the industry.   We know the industry and the ins and outs of managing a pub or club, so we are proud to have made a lot of friends and acquaintances, especially with our countless customers.

Pub & Club Lottery Ticket Machines in the UK from Lotto Scotland..

The machines and the systems we operate were designed with the help of many pubs and clubs who have provided us with necessary feedback and suggestions to make our products the best in the market.  In fact, we are so confident that our lottery system will satisfy you that we guarantee that if you are unhappy in any way with the machines we install in your club, we will take it away without you having to pay us a penny.


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