The Lottery System Set Up & FAQ


Q. How much will the machine cost me?

A. NOTHING!! We don't charge a penny for the machine!! NO INSTALL COST!! NO RENTAL EACH MONTH!! The machines are supplied on a Free Loan Basis meaning they are TOTALLY FREE!!

Q. Do we need to get a licence for any of your machines?

A. NO !! The machines we supply DO NOT NEED A LICENCE.

Q. Do we have to pay VAT on the takings?

A. NO!! Most of our customers can’t believe this.  However we can tell you that you DO NOT have to pay VAT on the takings. Yes most people think this is too good to be true.  Well, contact the HMRC by clicking this link and find out the good news for yourself!

Q. We must have to pay your company something?

A. At the start of each calendar month we send you a bill for the tickets sold from the previous month, meaning you collect the takings and profit before you have to pay us.  We call it ‘Pay as you Go’. Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s that easy!

Q. If the machine is FREE how do you make any money?

A. We charge a set price for each ticket that is vended from the machine,. However this is only charged once you have sold the tickets, meaning you get paid first before you have to pay us. We call it ‘No Play No Pay’!

Q. Will our fruit machines take less revenue if we install one of your FREE machines in our PUB or CLUB?

A. Quite the opposite.  Establishments have seen their takings boost up by over 25% after a treble column machine is fitted within the vicinity of their fruit machines. The reason for this is that our Treble Column machine has a built in Note Acceptor that allows customers to change notes into coins instantly without the distraction of having to visit a bar. With this in mind we have also found this keeps the bar staff free and also gives the players more privacy.

Q. What is the Lotto Scotland Lottery System?

A. The government allows clubs to operate their own mini lottery system as long as 20% of the accumulated profit is donated to charity and because the  majority of clubs are already supporting charitable institutions, the profit earned from the club lottery can be used for whatever use the members deem necessary.

In the same way, Lotto Scotland lottery system can also be installed in pubs. With the number of patrons a pub has each day, having a lottery machine set up can be very profitable, especially with the groups of people that wish to enjoy their evenings in the establishment.

Lotto Scotland does its job by arranging the lottery system including the printing and preparing different sets of jackpot tickets that are categorized with a set number of entries as well as a preset range of prizes. This is patterned in such a way that the club receives fixed profits after selling a set of tickets.


Tickets are available in 3 sets and 3 corresponding prices – 25p, 50p and £1. The trend in many clubs and pubs is that they offer each of the 3 ticket sets to allow the clients to make different choices and to maximize profits.

Because we at Lotto Scotland want to make the system as convenient as we can, we also install a machine free from rent or installation costs that would vend the tickets. This allows the sale of tickets without the need for the staff to be involved in the selling directly.

Once a player buys a ticket, he can then open 5 of the small windows located at the back of the ticket to check if they have won anything. A winner can choose to redeem the ticket in two ways – redeeming over the bar, or by arranging the redemption through a committee member.

Because the cash prize and the ticket numbers are expended with time, an authorized person is tasked to refill the machine with cash and refill the ticket vending machine with tickets. This is usually done weekly, or in the case of bigger and busier clubs or pubs, in a more regular interval per week.

Establishments who have sold all their tickets of a specific set can choose whether to order the same set a second time or choose another set from our set selection. We offer the convenient option of using our ‘Pay as you Play’ service which means if you don’t sell any tickets in a month we don’t send you a bill.
You can continue to browse our website to learn more about our system and the benefits our system provides.  Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 056 9420 or email us at

Advanced features of the Lotto Scotland UK Club Lottery System.

Note Acceptors
As many buyers have notes rather than coins when they wish to buy a ticket, we give them a choice of buying through notes with our note acceptors. This device is installed as a standard in our DUO machines.

Pay as you Go
We strive to make all aspects of our system as convenient as possible for our customers. Therefore we designed our system to allow establishments to request for as many tickets in advance, and after each month they only pay for the ones that were sold. The system sends a signal to our server every day with an update of sales and stats that can be accessed and viewed by both parties. Think of this as an online auditor. This data allows us to easily and accurately send you an invoice at the end of each month which takes into account only the amount of tickets you have sold. You no longer have to go through the traditional method of paying so much upfront for tickets that you might not even sell.

With the ‘Pay as you Go’ system, we also provide our customers with the option to request ticket sets that offer a larger prize money or jackpot than those in standard ticket sets.


Using the Lottery System in Conjunction with Other Gaming Machines.
It is a common misconception to think that our lottery systems will affect the profits of other installed gaming machines such as fruit machines. However, the truth is that our lottery games have a wider appeal to many and strike the interest of many people, not only those of fruit machine gamblers. We also provide our systems without the need of a license and we do not charge any renting fees for the machines.

The Change Machine.
When we tested our machine we did so with plenty of feedback.  One in particular was how many people did not like to change large notes at the bar. For this reason, we installed a Note Acceptor which is a feature in our machines that returns unused pounds, thereby developing a change dispensing feature. We tested the machine more and noticed an enthusiastic response and when the trial was finished and the machine was about to be removed, the club chairman requested that we leave the machine in place because it boosted the income of their fruit machines by over 35%.

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