Why a Lottery Machine is a Must for All Clubs and Pubs


It is a tried and tested fund raising method.

With fundraising for clubs in mind, the simple and effective lottery system is a no-brainer. Likewise, pubs are guaranteed to enjoy a more flexible source of income with a lottery system. Lotteries have been in use for so long and are still considered a very effective way to earn and this is because of their track record. People are always excited at the thought of having the chance to win a lottery prize and this is what makes the lottery machine so effective.

With Lotto Scotland, a machine can be installed in your establishment.  You provide what your customer wants whilst helping you or your club earn much-needed funds. The best part about this system is that you do not have to pay for anything when ordering! The invoice you receive at the end of each month ONLY charges you for the ticket sales you made within each calendar month. The idea is so simple yet so effective.  Contact us and we could get this system up and running in your pub or club immediately!

It increases the takings of fruit machines.

Lately, the use of fruit machines is experiencing a steady decline. The onset of modern technology, as seen from online and electronic casinos to high-tech video gaming machines, is capturing the attention of more consumers. Even if you have invested a huge sum in fruit machines at your establishment, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, you have reason to celebrate.

The Lotto Scotland Treble machine has integrated note-acceptors that also dispense change. This means that the Treble machine players are left with coins that they can use to enjoy your fruit machines. Our Treble lottery machine used in conjunction with your fruit machines is a win-win situation for your establishment. If you call now, we will provide you with all you need to give you a more rewarding experience, even with your existing gaming machines.

It requires NO licenses at all.

There are many hassles associated with owning or renting gaming machines, such as charges as well as licensing fees. In the end, you will be left wondering how much you are actually going to earn for your club. It would be better to have even just one machine that assures you of profit no matter what. With a lottery machine, you are assured of that. You control the money used and you do not have to worry about any license fees or VAT requirements at all. It is like you have complete ownership of the machine without even paying for it! You only pay for the tickets you managed to sell each calendar month!

It is a perfect substitute to the cigarette machine.

It requires no VAT commitment for the takings.

The money used in the machine is of your own and therefore under your control.


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